Monday, April 5, 2010

A little (or a lot) about us!

A couple people requested some information- so i put this list together about our league, and the sport of WFTDA roller derby!

Our next bout
o April 24th, 6pm-9pm, tickets are $12 for adults, $10 for students (with ID) and $6 for kids under 12. Available at the door (NO ONLINE SALES THIS TIME) or from a River City Rollergirl.

o AT THE Greater Richmond Convention Center

Digital Billboard generously donated by Lamar on 7912 Broad st

o Free street parking, or $6 all day deck access

o Double header

 RCR’s Poe’s Punishers v DC Rollergirls All Stars

 RCR’s Uncivil Warriors v Rocktown Rollers (Harrisonburg va)

o Handicapped accessible, broad street 6 bus, seating available.

• Our Mission

o River City Rollergirls (RCR) intends to foster an environment that will expand, enrich and complement the overall quality and experiences of Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby and amateur athletics for women as well as uphold a strong belief in and support of community outreach. RCR is committed to providing opportunities that encourage the pursuit of lifetime activities, a sense of commitment and teamwork, and the development of personal character while maintaining an environment that values cultural diversity and gender equality among its athletes, coaches and support staff.

• Founded in 2005 by Emily Hardnasty and Bonnie Blindside

• April 24th is our 4th year league anniversary, 5th season opener

• The league is completely volunteer run, no paid people, and sustains itself on donations from our sponsors and the community, bout ticket sales and member dues.

• We have a membership of about 40

o In order to become a member. New/interested people must pass through “Fresh meat” which is a 3 month training cycle that teaches you everything derby/skating

• Our first bout was “Seasons Beatings” in 2005, with the fun teams the Abominable Snow Women v the disco shockers to a sellout crowd of over a thousand at Skateland of Richmond (hull st)

• Later, the shockers and snow women were dissolved, and 2 new home teams were created

o The tiger beat downs and the flaming hips. Both teams that played at home only, and an all star team was formed of the best skaters.

• In 2009 we dissolved the home teams (beatdowns and hips) and formed a new, more competitive structure. (Both teams wanted to travel to play other teams to get better)

o The Poe’s Punshiers, (purple/black) created with the best skaters of the whole league, that travel across the country to play ranked teams

o The Uncivil Warriors (orange and black), created to train incoming skaters and used as a farm team/JV style team for the Poe’s Punishers to pull from when they see fit. The warriors play newer teams and second string teams from across the eastern seaboard.

o Generally- we have 6-8 home bouts per year. The season is year round at this time.

• WFTDA status

o In Februrary of 2009, the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association accepted our application , and sanctioned RCR as 68th member of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA).

o There are only 78 WFTDA sanctioned leagues out of 516 registered roller derby teams world wide.

 The US/Canada/UK has approximately 440 leagues

• The US has 350 of those leagues leagues

o Virginia has 11 leagues state wide (12 if you count DC)

 California has the most leagues with 50 leagues!

• Charity talking Points

o RCR is a 501c3 Federal Non profit.

o We support (financially and through volunteerism) many local and national charities such as The Virginia Cooalition for Woman, The YWCA, Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN), Ring Dog Rescue, Books on Wheels, the Richmond SPCA, Safe Harbor Women’s Shelter, The Children’s Museum of Richmond, The Make a Wish Foundation, Livestrong Day, The Susan G Komen Race for the Cure Richmond, The Virginia Bully Walk, Punks for Presents, the Harvey Foundation, Arts for Autism and the Faison School for Autism, and many more.

o Each year we are in operation we add new charities, and continue to promote and support.

o The average member of RCR donates 6 hours a month to promoting and volunteering with our league and our charities.

• About roller derby (from Wikipedia)

• Roller derby takes place on a circuit track. Offense and defense are played simultaneously.[57] The two teams playing send five players each onto the track — one jammer (scorer), three blockers (defense), one pivot (a blocker who may become the jammer later in that jam). Helmet covers are used to display the players' positions: a cover with two stars is used for jammers, a striped cover is used for pivots and no cover is used for blockers.

• Pivots and blockers from both teams start the game by forming a single pack. In a pack, all players face counterclockwise.

• Pivots line up on the pivot line and all blockers must line up behind them in any order they choose. The two jammers, who are not considered to be part of the pack, are positioned on the jammer line 30 feet behind the pivot line.

• The referee signals the start of jam formation by blowing a whistle. During jam formation, the entire pack moves counterclockwise, during which time players can change position. All pivots/blockers must remain in the pack (i.e., no more than 20 feet in front of or behind the largest group containing blockers from both teams ). When the last person in the pack has passed where the front of the pack was initially lined up, the referee blows the whistle twice, signaling the jammers to take off, and play begins in earnest with a jam.

o A jam is a 2-minute countdown period during which both teams attempt to score points. Points can only be scored by the jammers, who, moving counter-clockwise, attempt to pass the pack and lap around as many times as possible. After passing the pack the first time, jammers earn one point each time they legally pass an opposing blocker/pivot. During a jam, all pivots/blockers must remain in the pack. Pivot/blockers attempt to assist their jammer through and out of the pack while simultaneously stopping the opposing jammer from exiting the pack. If a pivot/blocker falls or otherwise becomes separated from the pack, she is out of play (i.e., cannot block or assist the jammers) until she rejoins to the pack.

• The first jammer to legally pass all pivots and blockers once the jam begins wins the status of lead jammer for the remainder of the jam. The lead jammer can decide to end the jam at any time before the 2 minutes are up. She does this by placing her hands on her hips repeatedly, which signals the referee to officially call off the jam.

• To impede the progress of the opposing team's jammer, players may block using body parts above the mid-thigh, excluding forearms, hands, and head. Elbows may not be used in blocking, and cannot be swung at other players or used to hook an opponent's or teammate's arm.

• Each game consists of two 30-minute periods. At the end of each jam, teams field another line up of players and the next jam starts exactly 30 seconds later.

• Penalties are given to skaters who block illegally, fight or behave in an unsporting manner, or otherwise break the rules.

o Possible penalties include sending players to a penalty box (during which time opposing jammers score for opposing skaters in the penalty box when they score their first point in each pass) and expulsion of players. A skater goes to the penalty box for 1 minute immediately upon incurring a major penalty, or after accumulating 4 minor penalties.

• Common misconceptions

o It is real. No staged outcomes or rivalries

o We are not allowed to punch/elbow/pull eachothers hair (if we do- the referees will throw us out!)

 The game is still just as rough, but it has become more competitive sports wise in recent years.

o We do not skate on a banked track. All bouts are played on a flat track

If you have a question or comment, add a comment to this posting and i'll try to answer you!
an old picture of us in front of historic and iconic Skateland of Richmond

Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Breaks

On April 24th the River City Rollergirls bout at the Greater Richmond Convention Center to kick off their 5th Season in Richmond, Virginia! For our anniversary, we couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than have a double header, or twice the derby for our loyal Richmond fans! The River City Rollergirls farm team, the Uncivil Warriors will be facing off against Rocktown Rollers of Harrisonburg VA, and River City Rollergirls all star team, the Poe's Punishers will be playing the DC Rollergirls in what will sure to be a hotly contested bout.
We're so excited to move to the Greater Richmond Convention Center, and we can't wait for our fans to have an even better experience than before. Please come help us celebrate!
RCR's 5th Season anniversary bout!
Saturday April 24th doors at 6pm, bout 7pm-9pm
Adults $12, Students $10, Children under 12 $6. Tickets available at the door, online ticketing coming soon.
Greater Richmond Convention Center, Exhibit Hall B
bout 1 RCR's Poe's Punishers v DC Rollergirls All Stars (WFTDA Sanctioned bout)
half time TBA
bout 2 RCR's Uncivil Warriors v Rocktown Rollers
after party TBA

beer and snacks available
Handicapped accessible, trackside searing available first come first served. Chairs/bleachers will be provided. Plenty of parking available at the convention center for $6 for the day, or street parking is free on weekends.

The Route 6 C bus from the fan/west end will take you to the convention center, and the 1-2 F will get you there too west.

Virtual tour of the hall

Eating Well

There's a great magazine called Eating Well that I take a lot of tips from when I'm cooking for derby practice, or getting ready for a bout. Eating well rounded, healthful and thoughtful meals makes me feel like I'm at my optimal performance level, and gives me the strength and energy I need for a demanding practice day, or a bout. While i am not a dietitian, I follow simple rules to ensure that my body gets the right foods for practice or a bout.

-small portions frequently throughout the day
-bread rich in grains
-pasta, rice and potatoes
-fruits & vegetables- especially bananas (helps with muscle pain and bruising), celery (hydrating and good for eyes) and watermelon (tasty and hydrating).
-soy milk (get the kind low in sugar and high in protein/calcium)
-granola, trail mix or granola bars.
-lean proteins like grilled chicken or skirt steak (think fajita)
-Fish, like wild salmon tuna, or other cold water fish that are high in Omega 3s.
-drink lots of water. for a 3 hour practice, you should be drinking water all day long leading up to it, or as frequently or as often as possible.

-a big, heavy/rich meal. your body will be working so hard to process your meal, you will feel tired and rundown. eat easily digestible food for optimum performance.
- orange juice, grapefruit juice, or acidic/sugar laden juices. Can cause upset stomachs and painful acid reflux! if you love to start your day with OJ or juice, cut it with some water.
- caffeine/energy drinks. some people do it- some people don't. i find that i feel shaky sick when i drink them, so i stick to coffee and stop drinking caffeine 1-2 hours before practice/bout.
- beans/spicy food/dairy/rich cheeses. Just... don't do it, unless your idea of offense is farting.
-tomatoes, pizza, tomato sauced pasta. Can upset your stomach from the acidity.
- (from the Department of DUH) Candy! eating candy can lead to headaches and sugar crashes. they're empty calories that don't do anything for you except make you fat. if you feel like indulging, snack on a little trail mix, granola, or yogurt covered raisins.
- sodas, soda can dehydrate you, lead to a sugar crash and aren't good for you.

15-30 minutes before practice/bout, eat a banana, a hand full of blueberries or half a protein bar to give yourself a little boost

during practice/bout, drink 3-6 ounces of water every 20-30 minutes, and at half time some people like to eat some goo, but i usually stick to a sports drink, or maybe half a banana.

after practice or a bout, eat some lean protein, with a good carb and keep drinking water! a great choice at a restaurant after practice or a bout is a grilled chicken sandwich on whole grain bread, a grilled chicken salad, a boca burger on a whole grain bun or a small bean and cheese burrito.

My pick for recipe of the week perfect for Roller Derby girls, guys and refs.


Monday, March 15, 2010


This blog is being set up to talk about everything Roller Derby with the River City Rollergirls. From health, fitness and nutrition, recipes, bouts, practices, conventions, gear, and more.

Roller Derby has consumed our lives, and for many people, the obsession is still growing.

Follow us to get updates on our league, and info about everything roller derby.

we're excited to get started.